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Insurance information:

Our practice is In-Network with Aetna and their subsideries, but we will file with all insurance companies on your behalf as Out-Of-Network. HOWEVER … We have several network billing agreements for local businesses which allow you to use your insurance in our office such as, Summit and Lake County School Districts, A-Basin, Vail Resorts, Summit-Eagle-Grand County Governments, and the towns of Silverthorne and Frisco.

Insurance changes all the time, if you would like to ask us about your insurance policy just Send us A Message or call the office at 970-668-3299.

The following are links to websites we often refer patients to, as well as products we use and sell in our practice.

The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA)

Dr. John is a CACCP certified Chiropractor by the ICPA organization, which includes the Webster Chiropractic Technique certification. He is the only chiropractor within 50 miles who has 2 additional years of education in Pre-natal and Pediatric Chiropractic care, in addition to annual continuing education.

If you are pregnant, this website is a must-read filled with lots of research and great information!

The Activator Method

Dr. John is the only Advanced Certified Activator Chiropractor within 50 miles. This technique can be integrated with other techniques, or used straight. It is often used for frail patients like babies and seniors.

Chiropractic health and acupuncture Chinese herbal pharmacy
Great Nature Classics
Health Concerns
Kan Herb Company
We also carry Plum Flower, Sun-Ten, Host Defense, Jade Dragon, Evergreen, and Loose Herbs by Spring Wind.

We carry many brands of herbal formulas; however Great Nature Classics is our most common brand. Formulas like Great Nature Classics are processed and made in the US, and go through rigorous testing for safety and pesticide contamination. We also have several pre-bagged loose herbs to be used as teas.

Manuthera 242 Mobilization Table

The Manuthera 242 Mobilization Table (Pronounced Man-U-Ther-a) is an incredibly versatile table featuring unique patented technology. Mobility treatment can be carried out 3-dimensionally using the traction, flexion, lateral flexion and rotation features of the table, as well as gravity. In 2018 this table came to the US; there are currently only a handful of practices around the US who have purchased it. Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture on Main Street in Frisco is one of them! It is one of 3 different chiropractic tables we have in our office.

Carol Foster, MD Vertigo Treatment

Chiropractic and/or Acupuncture are extremely effective in treating vertigo. There are several reasons a patient might be experiencing vertigo, but one of the most common is loose ear crystals. Follow along with this video to see if it helps you with your vertigo.

Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa

Dr. John’s alma mater! This college is the ‘Harvard’ of Chiropractic. The years Dr. John attended he was fortunate to have some world renown professors as well as the esteemed Dr. Guy Reikeman as Palmer’s President. We also encourage prospective Chiropractors to check out Life University in Marietta, Georgia.

Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Denver, Colorado

A highly esteemed school for Acupuncture.

The vertebral nervous system connection

We have these Patient Media Handouts in our office, just ask for one!

Posture Pump

Click on the PHOTO ABOVE for a video demonstration of how to use the Posture Pump. We have 2 neck Posture Pumps in our office which we lend out to patients in need. These are great tools in helping patients gradually increase their neck curve. They should only be used as recommended by a chiropractic doctor because, if used incorrectly or excessively, they may cause harm.

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

By passing rigorous exams to achieve NCCAOM certification, you can rest assure you are using a qualified practitioner. If you are moving, you can use this website to find Acupuncturists in your area.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil

100% Hemp Oil, Organic, Grown in Colorado, Full-Spectrum, CO2 Expressed, and Independently Tested at Berkley for quality. We did our research over a period of 8 months and we decided this brand was superior. It is the only CBD product we carry. It can be used topically and internally.

Using Moxabustion to Turn a Breech Baby

Moxabustion (Moxa) may be used to assist in turning a breach baby. It stimulates blood flow as well as hormones which cause mild uterine contractions to help nudge your baby in to optimal position. Research shows the prime time to use Moxa for a breech baby is 32-34 weeks, but it has happened at 39 weeks too! The Webster Chiropractic technique used hand-in-hand with Moxa has proven effective for patients.

Young Living Essential Oils

We carry in-stock Thieves Essential Oil spray and straight oil. It is a wonderful anti-bacterial, anti-viral blend. We can also order Young Living Essential oils.

Traditional Infusions

Hand-made by Alyssa Kuge Frain, MSAOM, L.Ac. these three unique formulas have been met with rave reviews by all our patients. Stop in and pick some up!

The Highwire with Del Bigtree

The HighWire, is the fastest growing program in the Natural Health arena with over 40 million views, and Del’s non-profit,, (Dr. John and Sarah contribute monthly to this organization) is leading worldwide investigations into drug and vaccine fraud that have already resulted in several winning lawsuits against US Government agencies, Health and Human Services and National Institute of Health.

Heated Vaccine Debate, Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz

This vaccine debate is incredibly eye-opening between two well known and smart individuals. Click the link to learn more about the debaters.

Learn The Risk

Knowledge is Power! After Dr. John’s grandfather died from a Flu shot, he has made great strides in educating himself about vaccines. We are not anti-vaccine, we are vaccine educated! As a pediatric and pre-natal Chiropractic specialist it is his responsibility to share educated opinions when asked about vaccination. Please feel free to chat with him on your next appointment. This book is a great start in that education process, and is available for you to borrow from our office’s free lending library.

We feel patients should know about these businesses …

Radiant Health & Wellness: Functional Medicine Practitioner, Frisco, CO
Colorado Tongue Tie, Denver , CO
Holistic Life Dentistry, Littleton, CO
Eagle Vail Wholistic Clinic, Dr. Bruce Wignal, Avon, CO
Mountain-River Apothecary, Frisco , CO
Xtreme Footwerks, Idaho Springs, CO

Our pets deserve great health too!
Animal Healing Arts, Tennessee
Raw Dog Food & Company, Englewood, CO