It’s warm out; are you eating cooling foods?

Many people are affected negatively by the unusually hot days we are having lately. Excessive exposure to heat can cause many problems. Some of what I’ve been seeing in our clinic include: heat exhaustion, elevated blood pressure, feeling faint, general malaise and fatigue, diarrhea, dehydration, skin rashes, irritability, hot flashes, and an overall feeling ofContinue reading “It’s warm out; are you eating cooling foods?”

Head diagram of acupuncture points for scalp acpunture treatments

Using Scalp Acupuncture to Stimulate the Brain.

What is Scalp Acupuncture? Scalp acupuncture combines traditional acupuncture techniques with the brain’s anatomy. Acupuncture needles are used in specific areas related to the brain’s neuroanatomy and neurophysiology rather than traditional acupuncture – done on specific points along the body. Scalp acupuncture is relatively new because it combines new technology, and research on the brain,Continue reading “Using Scalp Acupuncture to Stimulate the Brain.”

Shan Zha Chinese herb

Featured Chinese Herb: Shan Zha

Shan Zha, also know as Crataegus Fruit and Hawthorn Fruit, has many benefits for the body. It is a natural antibacterial, antioxidant, and immunostimulate herb. In traditional Chinese medicine, herbs have specific functions that benefit the body. Shan Zha reduces food stagnation and transforms accumulation, transforms blood stasis and dissipates clumps, stops diarrhea, also hasContinue reading “Featured Chinese Herb: Shan Zha”

Image of Foot bones and location of Plantar Fasciitis

Patient Case Study: Foot Numbness

Female, age: 54 Chief Complaint: Numbness, tingling, pins and needle feeling on the bottom of the left foot  History of Chief Complaint: The patient had plantar fascia reconstruction surgery. After surgery she experienced localized numbness and tingling. As she bare weight on her foot she experienced extreme pain and a feeling of walking on rocks.Continue reading “Patient Case Study: Foot Numbness”

Dr. John Graham demonstrating how the Manuthera 242 Mobilisation table works

The Next Generation Chiropractic Table!

Chiropractic Treatment Tables have not changed much in the last several decades. However, there is a company in Finland named Lojer who has reimagined the possibilities for chiropractic treatment. The Manuthera 242 Mobilisation Table (Pronounced Man-U-Ther-a) is an incredibly versatile table featuring unique patented technology. Mobility treatment can be carried out 3-dimensionally using the traction,Continue reading “The Next Generation Chiropractic Table!”

A line up of NuLeaf Naturals 100% Hemp CBD Oil in five different size bottle

What is Cannabinoid (CBD) Oil?

Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture spent several months researching various high-quality CBD oil brands. When we decided on NuLeaf Naturals everyone in the office, including several patients tried it for feedback. Overwhelmingly the comments have been reduced pain and inflammation (helped with arthritis), reduced tinnitus, less anxiety, nausea elimination, better digestion, and overall better/deeper sleep. ThisContinue reading “What is Cannabinoid (CBD) Oil?”

Woman in bed under blanket

Traditional Chinese Medicine Regulated My Period “Acupuncture. Period.”

My period was never normal; I didn’t know it was supposed to be predictable. Sometimes I would go months with no cycle, and other times it would quickly begin again. Most adults in my life said it was ‘normal’ for women to have irregular cycles. I finally brought it up with my OBGYN and sheContinue reading “Traditional Chinese Medicine Regulated My Period “Acupuncture. Period.””


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