Featured Chinese Herb: Pang Da Hing (Sterculia Seed)

Pang Da Hing aka Sterculia Seed Chinese herb. Image of hard seed before and expanded soft mesh after steeping in hot water

This single herb is shaped like a large almond. When steeped in hot water, the seed will open up and bloom into a large mesh ball. The flavor is slightly sweet and earthy. It affects the lung and large intestine acupuncture meridians. This herb is most famous for treating hoarse throats from over using the voice. Pang Da Hai soothes sore throats, reduces cough and dissolves yellow phlegm. It is also used as a very mild laxative when you have constipation associated with a fever. If you find yourself feeling any of these symptoms try this amazing herb! If you are feeling under the weather and have different symptoms come in any way, we have a full herbal pharmacy customized to your needs. We always offer free consultations – stop in and see what Chinese herbs can do for you!

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