Patient Case Study: Ovarian Cysts & Endometriosis

Intake: Female, age 31, presented with debilitating lower abdominal pain, bloating, acne and cramping around her menstrual cycle.

History of Chief Complaint:

  • She was on birth control for 15+ years to manage pain.
  • 2013 – the patient went off birth control then did not have a period for about one year.
  • 2014 – she had a semi-regular period for three years with mild cramping starting around the end of 2016.
  • November 2017 – she started to have extreme stabbing and cramping pain before/during her menstrual cycle, progressively getting worse with each cycle.
  • March 2018 – She had an ultrasound done showing ovarian cysts on both sides measuring 8mm and 5mm. She was diagnosed with ovarian cysts and endometriosis. She was instructed to take continuous birth control from her OBGYN for three months skipping the “off week” then return for a reevaluation.

Treatment Plan: Acupuncture treatments once per week for 3 months then reevaluate. Herbal formulas daily. Patient adhered to the acupuncture treatment plan and was compliant with her herbal prescription. After 3 months, treatments were cut back to every two weeks.

Conclusion: Her OBGYN referred her to a specialist. She went to the specialist 6 months after starting her acupuncture treatment plan. The specialist reported her blood work was within normal limits, and the cysts decreased from 8mm to 4mm, and 5mm to 3mm respectively. Each month her cramps, bloating and acne changed and reduced. At 6 months she now feels her skin is clearer, she has less abdominal bloating, and significantly reduced menstrual cramping. Patient is continuing to progress and will remain at monthly treatments with a reevaluation at 9 months.

Alyssa Kuge Frain, MSAOM, L.Ac.

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