Springing Forward using Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine, in general terms, is a collection of knowledge and wisdom based on observation of the cyclical aspects of the natural world. In a way, we are microcosms of the universe, and macrocosms of the physical world that we can only see through the lenses of a microscope.

Also, in the most broad sense of being, all that is, including our physical bodies, are comprised of a great number of particles of energy, colliding and repelling each other, in an everlasting search for, what we tend to call, balance and harmony. Sometimes people call this Ying and Yang!

The Chinese have been great at observing and keeping notes, and that’s why we can share today so much wisdom from the people who occupied this planet thousands of years ago, and most interesting, all this wisdom continues to be relevant today!

Chinese Medicine looks at weather patterns of the seasons and how it affects our bodies, based on the principles of 5 elements: wood (Spring), fire (Summer), earth (Late Summer), metal (Fall), water (Winter). Each element has an associated organ that is most influenced by it: wood (Liver), fire (Heart), earth (Spleen), metal (Lungs), water (Kidneys). Knowing the organ that is influenced by the season is a great way to help you care for your body, stay in an optimal healthy state and prevent disease.

Spring is associated with growth and expansion and the organ connected to the season is the liver. This is the time when the energy of the sun awakens all living things on the planet. Spring time brings up extra energy and motivation to move, which is great, but it can also stir up your feelings, with a tendency towards anger, the emotion connected to the liver. There are effective Acupuncture points to alleviate these feelings, as well as Chinese herbal formulas.

Spring is the time to start exercising and sweating more; It’s a good time to start cooking lighter meals, eat more dark leafy greens and add a slice of lemon to your water.

It’s not uncommon to feel somewhat off balance during the change of seasons. Acupuncture can be a great way to help your body acclimate to the new season. When you are in harmony with the season, your body and mind are at its most optimal state, which consequently allows you to stay healthy and be more creative in your daily life.

Happy Spring!
Renata Silviera, MSAOM, L.Ac.

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